Care for your plants, Peace for your mind.

GroControl is an automated indoor grow controller.  Simply plug your lights, extraction fan, cooler/heater, humidifier/dehumidifier and hydroponic water pump into GroControl and it will adjust the climate and water levels for optimal growth.  GroControl pumps up to 3 nutrients and pH up & down buffers into your reservoir to keep the EC and pH level within the optimal range at all times.  Leave the tedious task of nutrient and pH management in the hands of GroControl.

Connect GroControl to Wi-Fi and access it through the Cloudponics App whenever or wherever you are.  You can use your existing grow system (Works with Hydroponics, Coco Coir or Soil)or start from scratch by using, for example, our Hydro-Aeroponic system AeroForce One